How to Date Girls: 5 Simple Rules for Properly Courting a Lesbian

Posted by FreeLesbianDatingApps.com | Sep 22th, 2017

The online dating sites have defined the new world for lesbians and today they can also enjoy healthy relationships with their dream partners. There are so many active dating platforms online where girls can find the best match beyond the crazy lesbian horror dating stories. In fact, the relations can be more interesting and exciting if you put right efforts. Here we are going to discuss 5 simple rules for properly courting a lesbian. Probably, this post will help you to enjoy a healthy relationship with your partner.

1. Leave the habit of oversharing:

The very first rule for setting up a healthy relationship with a girl is to stop talking about the old dates that you enjoyed with your exes. Do not try to create a boring scene with awkward, long stories with expectations that you will create an emotional drama and ultimately they will say I Love You. Just be in your limits and leave all the dramas at your therapeutic bar and meet the lovely lady with great thoughts in mind.

2. Don’t try to be cheap:

Most of the people have a common misconception that being lesbian means cheap personality but it is high time that you have to prove your power. When you go out with her never try to hide your money. Pay for her drink, arrange a cab for her and preferably give her a nice gift.

3. Do not ask her directly:

If you want to hang out with her do not use poor words for the invitation. Try to be sensible and choose the right time to ask the right question. It is really insane to ask her to spend time with you in a bar even with your first chat. Take your time and let her develop trust on you. Stay involved in healthy conversations and you can ask her about the official date when you are sure that she is enjoying conversation with you.

4. Listen to her:

Let her know that you feel good to listen what she says. Pay attention to her talk and respond in a smart but understanding manner. Have some good stuff to talk about but make sure that it is of her interest too. Share your viewpoints and ideas, know each other and collect few memories with your official meetings.

5. Let her know that you had a good time with her:

When you say this it doesn’t mean that you are making yourself too available for her or you are right on a way to marry her. But this is simply a polite way to make the girl happy by saying that you enjoy her company. Prefer to give her a simple cute gift. It is not about making huge expenses; rather it is just about bringing a smile on her face with your little but true effort.

These simple rules will help you to create a memorable experience with your lesbian dating. Prefer to lead your relationship by heart and soon it will grow with the finest journey.