How to become a Butch Lesbian!

Posted by FreeLesbianDatingApps.com | August 18th, 2016

Different people have a different opinion regarding butch lesbian. One might become surprised if she is yet to see any butch lesbian. Those types of lesbian exist in the LGBT community as because of the demand of some women that doesn’t like typical girls utterly shaped by the society as their gender.

How to become a Butch Lesbian!

In many ways, a woman can appear as a butch. But how well you will appear as a butch lesbian depends on your attitude and desire. This article will help you to get some valuable information regarding butch lesbians.

  • You definitely need some things to become a good butch lesbian. Those things include confidence and lesbianism. You should carry a wallet doesn’t matter it has the chain or not. Wearing Men’s pants is required with men’s boots and shoes. You can get some men’s shirts as well.
  • To become a butch you need to project assertiveness to the utmost level. You need to be full of confidence. Without proper attitude traits, you cannot become a good butch lesbian that can catch the attention of the other woman who is looking for such a woman.
  • Dress is very important and this is where men’s collection can help you a lot. Check out the preferred stores of men’s and find your dresses to wear. You should carefully choose boots and jeans. Don’t forget to get sleeveless undershirt. A good ball cap can be great to have a casual appearance as a butch. Many butch lesbians are fond of GQ look. A men’s shirt, a tie, a shoe & fedora is enough for providing you a great lesbian satisfaction.
  • Carrying a money clip is required in case you don’t have any wallet. Never think about carrying a purse like other conventional women. In case you are fond of your purse and don’t want to leave that at home, carry a bag and put that inside of the bag. Again while purchasing the bag; you should not purchase the messenger bag, as it looks weird and suspicious.
  • When you will start walking try to keep a decent pace and walk with a purpose. Swishing the hips whilst walking will make your impression down as a butch and your entire labor will become useless. This is why a smart butch lesbian always keeps her head high and never looks at the feet whilst walking towards somewhere.

Tips to become a butch lesbian:

  • A butch lesbian usually doesn’t have long hair. They have tattoos exposed. Some butch lesbian keeps the button up of their shirts.
  • Learning manly attitude is important. For an example, you can try learning to stand like a male while working with your car. Try to love some sports and play those. If you don’t like action films, becoming a good butch lesbian will be tough for you as it is closely connected with men’s phycology.
  • While you are outside, expect people to call you as sir, instead of ‘mam’. The sooner you will get used to it, the better you can reflect as a butch.