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Every day we civilized people is trying to do something for the LGBT communities. The initiatives come from a different angle and the pace of the improvement is significant. Along with social works, technology has brought a new dimension to the life of lesbians and queers. This is because technology can ensure as a safer dating and the interaction can become fast. Its only about reliability to ensure when someone will use technology to meet her mate for a date.

Lesbian apps are many in numbers and Hinge is in a leading position among them. This is what you can use as a platform to start a relationship. This mobile app can help someone to meet her mate in an old-fashioned way. It cuts clutter, creep & games. This is where you don’t need to swipe strangers over and over as all the contact available here are real.

Specialty of Hinge:

Woman's dating app Hinge is marked as a new age bearer by Vogue magazine. It is currently available in almost all cities of United States.

Other than the US you can get Hinge in Mumbai, London, Sydney and Toronto. Every day this app is widening its magnitude and more people are coming under the cover.

Key features of Hinge:

  • Doesn’t matter whether you are an iPhone owner or an android user, you can still use this app as it is optimized for both type of operating system. It is compatible with iPad too.
  • The messaging option of the app is fast and reliable. The notification feature is also something great that people love.
  • In the latest version, you will get story cards which help you to find your match fast and therefore you can avoid the tedious personality test. This will make the conversation among the members more effective.
  • It will only take 39.8 MB spaces in your mobile’s memory card. The common English language is build-in, so lesbian of any corners of the world can use this app conveniently.
  • Twenty-four-hour service is provided by the app maker. A wide pool of lesbian and the extended network make the chance higher to get a match fast.
  • This app is great for uploading pictures as the image quality never goes down after the upload.
  • Hinge can generate better matches and the matches come in a couple of batches.

Subscriptions of Hinge:

Anyone who is over 17 years old can download this app and can subscribe. Currently, Hinge is not taking any money from the members as subscriptions. But due of the tremendous popularity of the app, it might charge a little bit after few days to ensure better management for the members and for the entire lesbian community.

Privacy of Hinge:

The members of Hinge receive ultimate privacy as they never post anything on your Facebook wall unless permission is given. Your information will not be shared with anyone else or to any third parties. If you like someone that will show as anonymous until a match has been detected.