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People are using technology to being closer and every day this pace is growing steadily. Today you can get effective Apple app like ‘Her’ that can be a pivotal role for the lesbian want to meet new friends and have the desire to become united. “Her’ is probably the largest app for the lesbian and for another queer woman across the world. With the help of this app, you can go on new dates and can find LGBT members of your region. In case you want to attend upcoming lesbian events in your area, this iPhone app can be a great friend of you.

Key significance:

  • ‘Her’ is the most popular lesbian app that is loved by critics where everyone is welcomed and a friendly environment is guaranteed.
  • This app is made by some LGBT women who really knows what can really be an assist for the lesbian community of the society doesn’t matter wherever they live.
  • This app is good for local and global lesbians and bisexuals.

Key features:

Verified Accounts: For all lesbian and bisexual, ‘Her’ is a great place as all the accounts of it is completely verified. This is why you can remain sure that you are talking about real peoples.

Likes: Just send a like to a member, so she can know you are showing your interest to have a chat. No welcome message is required.

Posts: You can always add your friends to join here and therefore you can always message each other.

Posts: Here you can post a question to get the review of everyone regarding a certain topic. Again you can share something saying what you are recently up to.

Links: This is a place where you can post and read new things. This is a great place to comment on lesbian links and the videos released today.

LGBT events: With the help of this app you can remain aware of different LGBT events.

Notifications: You can get notifications for every likes and comment.

People those are welcomed by ‘Her’:

Anyone can join ‘HER’ if she is above 18. The identity of the women needs to be verified to get the membership. If you are a non-binary person, ‘Her’ is for you.

Subscriptions of ‘Her’:

There are more than one subscription options to join ‘Her’. You can be a member spending only 14.99 dollars.

  • 1-month plan of ‘Her’ is covered in between $25.99 to $39.99 USD
  • 6-month plan of ‘Her’ covered in between $89.99 to $149.99 USD
  • 12 month plan of ‘Her’ covered in between $119.99 to $239.99 USD

You can allow auto-renewal once a certain period of subscription is over. Again you can opt out that option in case you don’t have a plan for that right now. You cannot cancel a plan when that is running.


Privacy of the apps ‘Her’ is guaranteed to the highest level. Your information is more than safe here. Again the person whom you are chatting is also verified through a system and therefore there is no chance of falling in unorthodox situations that can make you embarrass.