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Lesbian dating sites are many in numbers, so as mobile applications. DIVA app is the name of a downloadable iPhone app magazine which is largely considered as the leading lesbian magazine manager. With the use of this app, you can read many contents related to the latest news of lesbians and bisexuals. Right now it is considered as Europe’s largest selling magazine. For getting many real-life features this iPhone app can help.

Specialties of DIVA:

Once you are connected with DIVA Digital you can get everything from a magazine that you usually expect from a printed edition. Besides you can get something more that you will not be able to get in the printable edition. For an example here you can expect to get interactive features like behind the scene videos and many other exclusive pictures.

DIVA Digital is a place where you can get everything at a 48 percent cheaper rate. This is something that you can use any time at the most convenience. You can get magazines through DIVA Digital far before that is actually printed in papers and made available in retail shops to purchase. This is something

Key features of DIVA:

  • This is a downloadable app that you can get for free though the content you will through this app need to be purchased to read.
  • It is possible to purchase magazine containing current and previous issues through this DIVA app. Moreover, you can get magazines discussing future issues too.
  • With this application, you can expect to get subscription feature. Once you are purchasing a certain subscription, automatically a latest issue will appear available to download.
  • You can go to the account settings to stop the auto renewal of the subscriptions. Payment will be charged to the iTunes accounts only when you will confirm a purchase.
  • If you are new to LGBT community and don’t know how the world goes regarding lesbians and bisexuals, this app can be a great help for you as it will offer you exclusive magazine contents at a nominal price.

About the subscriptions charge:

  • 1 month: £2.49/ US$2.99 (1 issue)
  • 6 months: £13.99/ US$18.99 (6 issues)
  • 12 months: £24.99/ US$32.99 (12 issues)

All subscriptions will be renewed automatically if you don’t cancel it when a particular period is running. You have to cancel at least 24 hours before for cancellation of auto renewal subscription.

Privacy & safety:

This app is completely safe and secure and the users’ information is encrypted. There is a pocketmags account in-application. In case someone lost the device, it can protect as you can retrieve the existing pocketmags.

It is advised to load the app when you are in a Wi-Fi zone so issue data can be retrieved easily. If you find difficulties in working with the apps, uninstall it and then try to download that again to install. Updated version will never create any hassle.