5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Lesbian Women

Posted by FreeLesbianDatingApps.com | Feb 8th, 2018

Valentine’s day is well around the corner and it automatically means that it is the time to stress about what to do for you partner. Some people make the mistake of stressing too much and overdoing it. The first thing you must note is that the trick is to keep it simple and personal. Valentine' day should be special for all couples, irrespective of sexual orientatios. Therefore, if you are a lesbian, do not think that you will have to spend your day any less special, no matter what the society tries to tell you. So, if you are a lesbian and looking for date night ideas to impress your lady on the Valentine’s say, read below!

5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Lesbian Women

Spend a Night at a Fancy Resort

If you can afford it, do book a room at a resort for the night, and if both of you can get a holiday, then do it for the whole day. There is nothing more romantic than spending some quality time with your partner far away from the din and bustle of life where nobody is going to disturb you. You may even have a couple spa that would definitely rejuvenate you from the exhaustion caused by the dull and drab daily life.

Rooftop Movie Night

If your partner is introvert and does not like to be outside much, it is best if you do something for her at home. You can arrange for a warm movie night at your rooftop and decorate the place with lights. Arrange for warm blankets and a makeshift bed where you can cuddle upto each other. Keep some snacks handy and watch your mutually favorite movies together. It cannot get better than that!

Go on a Cruise

If you are capable of spending money, why don't you arrange for a day on a luxury cruise? It is one of the most exotic ways you can spend your Valentine’s day. Cruises are always fun! You can engage in many exciting activities on board and you can also sail through many interesting places, for example, you can visit many interesting small villages and towns in Europe while sailing through the water bodies on a cruise. Watching the sun set and talking about your favorite, little things while drinking some wine - can life get any better?

Cook for Your Partner

Women love little pleasures and when someone does something with sincerity and love, no matter how it is, a woman always appreciates it. If your lady is a foodie, then you can actually put efforts in cooking something for her, as food is definitely the way to her heart.

Get Tickets of a Concert or Live Music

Music is the food of love, as the bard has said, therefore, take your partner to some concert which she might really like or go to a pub or bar that offers live music. Celebrate the day of love with good music, dancing along the beats.

These are some of the ideas which you can follow, but, obviously, it is best if you personalise your date idea, because your partner will love it that way! Happy Valentine’s!